Study Tips: Midterms

Keep your focus, refresh over
spring break and finish strong

By Texas State SLAC

Woman studying in library

Choose a comfortable study area and pace yourself. Don't forget about assignments due after spring break!

Midterms are underway at Texas State. The onset of spring complicates matters. With longer days and warmer weather, spring fever can set in. While the break brings some rest, don’t forget about homework, papers and projects due when you return. Neglecting school work is an easy way to finish the semester with grades you hadn’t hoped for.

Summer is only a few weeks away. Hang in there! Follow these tips to keep your focus through this critical part of the semester.

When preparing for exams or papers . . .

  • Read your notes every day the week before a test. This cuts down the time spent studying immediately before an exam because the information will be much more familiar.
  • Read material before you write about it, and take notes when you research. Don’t waste time finding a lost resource to cite.
  • Complete test reviews and draft papers early. Ask your professor or IA if anything remains unclear.
  • Choose a comfortable place to study or write that doesn’t provide distractions like excessive noise. And put your phone away — texting interrupts productive thought processes.
  • Pace yourself! The brain only processes so much at a time. Study or write for 45 minutes to an hour, then take a 15-minute break.
  • Relax just before a test, and rest before writing. Start with a clear head.

When you get exams or papers back . . .

  • Find answers to questions you missed, so you don’t miss them again on the final.
  • Read the professor’s comments to see where a paper went wrong so you can learn from what you’ve done.
  • Talk to your professor or IA if you’re not sure why you earned a grade. This can help you improve for the next test or assignment.

Best of luck on midterms and have a great spring break!

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