Study Tips: Finishing the Second Half

Finishing the second half: How to
win from midterms to finals

By Texas State SLAC

basketball going through hoop at Texas State gameMidterm results are a good indication of what it will take to win the game. You scored points during the first half, but you know from experience the game is not over.

Your current grades are only the halftime score. Term papers, projects and final exams remain, giving you big opportunities to raise your grades. Don’t wait until the last minute. Studying for finals will be stressful enough without pressure caused by procrastination.

Syllabi from the beginning of each of your classes stated the game’s requirements. Look over each syllabus for reminders and instructions. If you need a time-out to revise your game plan, visit your professors. Let them know you are interested not just in passing, but learning.

Next, focus on what needs to be done in classes, plan for completion dates, and get help from on-campus resources. The Student Learning Assistance Center (SLAC), the Athletic Academic Center (AAC), the Collaborative Learning Center (CLC), the Math Lab, the Modern Languages Computer Lab, Computer Science Tutoring, Sociology Statistics Tutoring, Student Support Services (SSS) and the Writing Center are all ready to help you succeed — and free to use. Click the links above or access these services from Texas State’s home page.

Last but not least, have pride in your work as you finish the game. Remember, you’re part of Texas State’s tradition of academic excellence. Go Bobcats!

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