Happenings: Summer Camps

Wide-eyed. Wild. Wonderful.
It’s summer camp at Texas State!

Students testing D.O. in lab

Attendees test water samples in a university laboratory — one of the many hands-on science activities offered by the Aquatic Sciences Adventure Camp.

By Billi London-Gray

The bustle of San Marcos slows as the temperatures rise and thousands of Texas State University students leave the city for their hometowns. But the bustle on campus continues as hundreds of new students — from toddlers to high schoolers — flock to Texas State for summer camps.

Creativity flows at Texas State summer camps, just as pure water flows from the San Marcos springs. Inquisitive young minds gather on campus each summer to explore their passions and discover new ones with the guidance of university faculty and staff. Texas State’s unique Aquatic Sciences Adventure Camp exemplifies this experience.

Started in 1988, the Aquatic Sciences Adventure Camp gives kids ages 9-15 hands-on science exploration into water systems, aquatic biology and conservation — all while having a blast enjoying the natural beauty of Central Texas.

Students in pool with snorkels and scuba gear

Campers take snorkeling and scuba lessons with a certified diving instructor.

Led by Texas State staff and certified teachers from school districts throughout the state, the camp opens a world of discovery to students. TamiLynn Jackson, a science teacher at Independence Elementary School in Lewisville who has taught at the camp for two summers, says the camp caters to hands-on learners.

“We spend the majority of the week knee-deep, if not deeper, in fresh water sources in and around San Marcos observing the delicate balance of the aquatic ecosystem,” she says. “The students are given the opportunity to use equipment and conduct experiments that they would never see in a typical public school classroom.”

Activities can include field trips to nearby rivers and springs, rafting and fishing excursions, visits to Sea World and Natural Bridge Caverns, scuba and snorkeling lessons, field collections, laboratory investigations, and glass-bottom boat tours of Spring Lake at Aquarena Center. Jackson points out that the wide array of activities opens many doors for students.

“While the students learn a ton about aquatic science, I enjoy watching their self-discovery grow as well,” she explains. “For many of the students, college may be a scary, foreign or even impossible concept to imagine themselves pursuing. This camp takes a lot of the fear and mystery away from the college environment. The students develop a new confidence in their ability to attend and enjoy college.”

The Aquatic Sciences Adventure Camp offers eight one-week sessions for overnight campers with accommodations on the Texas State campus. The camp also holds two two-day sessions for day-campers. Scholarships are available for eligible students. To view scholarship information, see session dates and register for camp, visit the website by clicking here.

Texas State also hosts a wide variety of additional youth summer camps for students of all ages. Learn more about Texas State summer camps and register for sessions here.

Other camps offered:

  • Athletic Camps (baseball, basketball, football, soccer, softball and volleyball)
  • Athletic Trainer Student Camps
  • Autism Summer Camp
  • Children’s Summer Theatre Camp
  • Creative Dance, Drama and Singing Performing Arts Camp
  • Debate and Forensics Camp
  • Fitness University Summer Camp
  • FITT 240 Teen Training
  • High School Theatre Camp
  • Kids Kollege of Art
  • Learn to Fence
  • Math Camps
  • Music Camps (band, choir, strings)
  • Play and Inquiry Summer Workshop
  • Stop Motion Animation Film Camp
  • Young Songwriters’ Camp
  • Young Writers’ Camp (Offered in both San Marcos and Round Rock)
  • Youth Group Swim Lessons

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  1. It’s a learning opportunity for the students outside their classroom. They can develop their mind and confidence through summer camp. It can be very helpful to concentrate their studies. And this camp has a lot of facilities for the students which are totally a new experience for them. So don’t miss this exciting summer camp. And thanks for the post, which is very fascinating for everyone.

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