Texas State Voices: Andrew Osegi

Looking for opportunities turns interests, talents into experience

Andrew Osegi

Andrew Osegi

By Andrew Emeka Osegi ’14

They say if you do what you love, it’s not work at all. I kept that in mind when it was time for me to declare my major as a freshman at Texas State University.

I chose to major in journalism because I have always enjoyed writing. I also decided to minor in anthropology to build upon my interest in world culture and diversity, concepts I gravitated to as a high school student. Now a junior in the School of Journalism and Mass Communications, I know I made the right choices.

During my first year at Texas State, I tried solely to get satisfactory grades in my classes and have as much fun as possible. Then, sophomore year rolled around and it was time to get a job – my family felt the same way. Before school began in August, I applied for a reporter position at the school newspaper, The University Star. I had no media writing experience, but I made it clear I was serious about the position and wanted journalistic experience. A few weeks passed and I was awarded the job!

My sophomore year was a demanding one. I took 16 hours both semesters and the reporting kept me on my heels every week. One day, during the late spring semester, I saw that Texas State Career Services would soon host a mass communications job fair. I needed a summer job, so I decided to print out a few copies of my résumé and check out what they had to offer.

At the fair, I found a few employers and internships that intrigued me – one being the social media student worker position with the Office of University Marketing. The requirements for the job closely matched my qualifications, especially with the skills I gained working for the newspaper, and I realized this opportunity was exactly what I needed to excel in the real world. I talked to the staff member and gave her my résumé. A couple of weeks later, she called me in for an interview.

I collected my University Star writing samples and organized them in a decent-looking binder known as a portfolio – an absolute necessity for journalism professionals. My sisters helped me organize my portfolio, select my interview wardrobe and practice how I would conduct myself, a favor that would ultimately help me land the position.

Today, I still work for the University Star, and I am also a social media intern working for the Office of University Marketing, where I monitor the university’s Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts and contribute to this blog.

Working for the paper has been essential to my development as a writer. My experience there was the reason I was able to get this job. I hope this shortened version of my collegial experience inspires future Texas State students to get out there and grab your destiny while you can. Your future is here at Texas State — you just have to go look for it!

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