Alumni: Kyle Harrell

Football, business, worms and volunteering: Harrell does it all

Kyle Harrell with wife and daughter

Kyle Harrell with his family

By Andrew Osegi ’14

Kyle Harrell’s connection to Texas State University began in 1993, when he signed a letter of intent to join the Bobcat football team. He graduated in 1998 with a bachelor’s degree in exercise and sports science, and coached and taught biology in the Houston area.

Four years later, he returned to Texas State as a strength and conditioning coach for the football, baseball and women’s basketball teams. A man of many talents, Harrell then co-founded Pathagility, a web-based data management system for pathology labs. Harrell currently serves as the company’s director of business development.

As for his most recent venture? Well, let’s just say it might make you squirm.

Harrell is the founder and CEO of Texas Red Worms, a farm that cultures worms on food scraps. The worms provide nutrient-dense castings that Harrell sells to fertilize vegetable gardens and grassy pastures. Some of his “herd” of worms is also sold as fish bait.

“Growing worms has been an enjoyable experience for me,” said Harrell. “With my current job [at Pathagility], I never really get a chance to go outside and my hands dirty, but with the worm farm, I get to relax and create something that can benefit not only my family, but others who are interested in maximizing their soil’s potential.”

His new enterprise has led Harrell to workshops and many speaking engagements at local schools and gardening groups — the most rewarding aspect of the work, he says, explaining that it feels great to help people in an organic, “life-style-changing” way.

Despite his busy work schedule, Harrell still finds time to stay close to his Texas State family. He is president of the Texas State “T” Association, a social organization for current and former Texas State athletes. Originally founded by Coach Oscar Strahan, the “T” Association hosts river floats, tailgates and award ceremonies for Texas State athletes in an effort to strengthen community among current and former athletes. The “T” Association keeps alumni and athletes involved with the university.

“Texas State continues to be a special place for me and my whole family,” Harrell said. “Enrollment is just the beginning, and nearly twenty years later, and I am still benefiting from my Texas State experience.”

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