Students: Ryan Winston Elliott

New ASG senator aims to embrace, represent student community

Ryan Winston Elliott (right) with friend Samantha Wiley

By Andrew Osegi ’14

Texas State University’s Associated Student Government (ASG) is one of the largest and most influential student organizations on campus. Consisting of an executive, legislative and judicial branch, ASG’s overall mission is to embody the voice of the Texas State student population and pass legislation to enhance the student experience on campus.

Every spring, ASG holds elections to usher in a new president, vice president and cabinet with the goal of refreshing student government initiatives and allowing  students to have an impact on their university. Ryan Winston Elliott is one of those elected students.

Recently elected chair of the University Policy and Procedures Statements (UPPS) Committee and a member of the Academic Enrichment Subcommittee in ASG, Elliott is an ambitious Texas State senior eager to improve the university. His major, international studies with a focus on international relations, suits his new position well by presenting studies of public policy and student-community coherence that are likely to be mirrored in the real world.

When current ASG president Nathan McDaniel and vice president Alison Sibley were voted into office in April 2012, Elliott was listed on their campaign ticket as ‘Senator At-Large’ – one of 12 at-large ASG positions that Elliott describes as having “a wide, umbrella-like, range of responsibilities.”

“Students report to me with their problems or disagreements about university policy and, in turn, I do what I can to resolve the dilemmas by addressing the president’s office or other departments of the university administration, such as Student Affairs,” says Elliott.

Ryan Winston Elliott skateboarding

Elliott skateboarding to campus

An example of policy review that Elliott aims to resolve is the prohibition of toy guns on campus during game-play of the student event Humans vs. Zombies (HvZ). The university prohibits students from possessing toy guns on campus during class hours, but these props are critical to live action roll-playing games such as HvZ, in which students playing as survivors are hunted by other students playing as zombies in a week-long fight for survival.

Elliott considers it his responsibility to amend such school policies that conflict with students’ ways of life.

“Students can expect to see a more involved student government,” he says. “ASG believes in the power of the student community and we hope to provide them with what they want – in a realistic sense, of course.”

Elliott and friends with kayak

Elliott with friends in the Extreme Sports Club

Elliott chose Texas State because of its unique and welcoming environment.

“The opportunity here at Texas State is overwhelming,” he says. “I’ve never felt held back or stifled by the university, only shown the endless amount of resources for success.”

As a newly elected senator, Elliott hopes to engage the student population and help as much as he can. He says Texas State is often referred to as a “sleeping giant” and he intends to awaken that potential by listening and acting upon the student voice.

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