Study Tips: Get Out

Get Up! Get Out! Do Something!

By Texas State SLAC

Texas State students enjoying the Homecoming Soap Box Derby

Get out there and get involved with the Texas State community.

College is all about balance! Just like you can’t have all play and no work, you can’t have all work and no play. So get involved. As a Texas State Bobcat, this is your Lair—and you have to make it your home.

Consider joining a student organization. Greek fraternities and sororities offer traditional paths to campus and community involvement and social life. Or choose an organization related to an activity or subject that you really enjoy, perhaps one that has to do with your career goals. You also can pick a group that speaks to your gender or ethnicity, or work in a student organization whose main focus is volunteering. In addition, participating in one of these groups can provide you with a valuable addition to your resume. Intramural activities can also be great outlets.

Texas State students in group exercise

Don’t get too caught up with grades and school work. Work hard, play hard.

Most important, do something besides go to class. Too much down time can make you lose focus and can cause anxiety. And exploring other interests related to student organizations or sports can give you a few hours out of the week to just enjoy yourself and engage in something not necessarily related to academics.

To find out more information on Texas State student organizations, intramural activities, and recreational facilities, please visit the following web sites:

Campus Activities and Student Organizations 

Intramural Sports at Texas State 

Texas State Sports Clubs

Texas State students cheering at football game

We are Bobcat Nation!

One response to “Study Tips: Get Out

  1. Great advice. I became obsessed with study and it made me ill. Should have taken more time off. Well, we live and learn!

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