Students: Stephanie Daul

Texas State junior awarded
prestigious scholarship

By Andrew Osegi

Stephanie Daul, a junior at Texas State University double-majoring in accounting and finance, was awarded the 2012 Jo Anne J. Trow National Undergraduate Scholarship this past summer. The highly prestigious scholarship is awarded to only 35 undergraduates across the United States.

Stephanie Daul, third from right, with friends during reception for Business Leadership Week

Daul received the $2,000 award through her membership in the Alpha Lambda Delta (ALD) Honor Society, which she has belonged to since her freshman year. Daul qualified for her scholarship due to her 4.0 GPA, involvement on campus and recommendations from well-acquainted professors. Diann A. McCabe, director of academic development in the Honors College, says Daul “demonstrates the kind of academic depth and leadership potential that we
 hope to see in all Texas State students.”

Daul credits the help of several Texas State professors with her success. “Dr. Janet Hale, Dr. Nancy Wilson and Professor Sherry Ross were instrumental in helping with the application process,” she says. “I could not have accomplished my scholarship intentions without their support.”

Daul, originally from Panama, is involved in various student organizations on campus. She is an active member in the Texas State Accounting Club, co-chair of residential audits in Net Impact, Alpha Lambda Delta’s treasurer and vice president of operations in the new Texas State Undergraduate Review.

When asked what advice she could give to Texas State students aspiring for academic excellence, Daul recommended that students “take advantage of the great opportunities at Texas State” by networking with peers and professors. She also says that she believes students should take the most challenging classes offered in their respective major(s).

“When challenged, we gain valuable experience in complex problem solving, communication and time management,” Daul says.

Her advice rings true with widely accepted career development wisdom: Students who take advantage of their time in college, by connecting with professionals and challenging themselves academically, are more likely to succeed in their post-graduation world.

In the near future, Daul intends to study in Mosbach, Germany, for a semester as an international exchange student. She plans to backpack across Europe and learn German before returning to the U.S.

After studying abroad and eventually graduating from Texas State, Daul hopes to apply her finance degree to a law career in New York City.

“I’m looking forward to the challenges associated with a fast-paced, high-responsibility position that require solving intricate problems,” Daul says.

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