Around Campus: Ad Club

Ad Club offers students professional experience, peer support

Brittany Teague

President Brittany Teague, eager to see members arrive for an Ad Club meeting in Old Main

By Brittany Teague ’13

You won’t find expensive suits, ill-patterned dresses and chain-smoking workaholics, nor will you find anyone resembling Don Draper or Peggy Olson at the Texas State Ad Club. And you definitely won’t find devious swindlers out to make a quick buck. The Ad Club consists of creative, hard-working and passionate students. The only thing that separates them from other students on campus is their undeniable interest in the business of advertising.

Ad Club

Ad Club Members proudly stand in front of the established Leo Burnett Agency in Chicago.

The club, a college chapter of the American Advertising Federation, helps members gain professional know-how and network with professionals in the advertising industry.

The Ad Club’s vice president of communications, Shawn Tripputi, says he wants it to be known as a club that cares about its members.

“We want our members to be successful and learn about the industry that we love,” Tripputi says. “Our club is probably the most hands-on.”

The Ad Club gives students valuable experience by organizing educational (and memorable) events including short weekend trips to advertising agencies in Dallas and Houston; a week-long out-of-state trip each January; text-a-thons; pie booths in the Quad; and ice cream socials. The bi-weekly meetings include informative, inspiring speakers from agencies around the area as well as resume critiques and mini advertising competitions.

Additionally, the Ad Club has recently started a student-run advertising agency called Bad Ads. Though still in its early stages, Bad Ads is building its clientele base. The agency created promotional items and posters for the Texas State Speed Handball Team and is seeking business clients around San Marcos.

Students interested in joining the Ad Club are welcome to attend a meeting. The Ad Club normally meets every other Tuesday at 7 p.m. in Old Main 234, however the club will meet every Tuesday in November, except for Nov. 20. For more information, contact:

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  1. Reblogged this on Admigo and commented:
    This was a great blog post written by my fearless President (and roommate). I am always very eager to spread the word about Ad Club, and this is a wonderful blog post that gives a little insight to the amazing chapter. Well done, Brittany!

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