Around Campus: Renegade Roses

Renegade Roses make rugby
focus for friendship and fun

Renegade Roses logo

Renegade Roses is a Texas State student organization that supports the Renegade Rugby team.

By Karina Garcia ’14

Renegade Roses is a student organization at Texas State University composed of a diverse, fun-loving group of women who enjoy supporting the Texas State Renegade Rugby team and staying involved in the community. Established in 2005, the group attends both home and away rugby games, participates in community service events, stays involved on campus and requires mandatory study hours.

Renegade Roses supports the Texas State Renegade Rugby team by attending games and practices and by providing water, goodie bags, posters and other fanfare. Not enough students on campus know that Texas State has a rugby team, yet alone a wildly successful one. Our goal is to bring more students out to the games to get the rugby team the support it deserves. The Ruggers love how involved we are with them and return the support!

Traveling is one of the most exciting aspects of our organization. Our trips are truly a bonding experience from start to finish. In addition to traveling for games, we host big social events, including the Formal Meet and Greet, the Rugger and Roses Boat Trip, and Rugby Prom. We organize potlucks with rugby team members on holidays. And we participate in intramural volleyball — we made it to the intramural sorority league finals in 2011!

Group shot of Renegade Roses

Renegade Roses

We also enjoy participating in various community service opportunities around the San Marcos area, such as the Feast of Sharing, where members serve Thanksgiving dinner to individuals in need. We sponsored families fallen on hard times during the holidays in recent years. Roses provided food, clothing and other necessities to the families affected by the Bastrop fires. We helped the rugby team with their Tackling Cancer volunteer project. We also participate in Bobcat Build each spring. This year we participated in Cat Crew, a group of volunteers who help students move in to their new campus homes in August. We are always keeping an eye out for opportunities to help our community and foster a sense of giving and social responsibility in ourselves.

As we seek to grow, we decided to implement mandatory library study hours for our members. We feel that this requirement is a polite reminder that school comes first. While we are all about having fun, our education is the reason that we are here.

Renegade Roses is a great outlet for anyone who is looking for an affordable social club that supports academic excellence and community involvement. It is a great way to find your place at Texas State, meet interesting people, and forge friendships that will last a lifetime.

We hold meetings every other Tuesday where we discuss future events, hear ideas from our members, make plans, hand out merchandise and get to know each other better. Our next meeting is Tuesday, November 13, at 6:30 p.m. in LBJ Student Center 3-10.1; our next big event will be our Christmas Formal in December. For more information about joining the group, visit our Facebook page or email

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