Study Tips: Finals Prep 2012

Finals: How to prepare
without going to extremes

By Andrew Osegi (@AEOsegi)

Woman studying in library

Alkek Library: Your home away from home.

It’s that special time of year again! As the 2012 fall semester winds down, Texas State students are gearing up for their biggest academic challenge: finals week.

Indeed, the quest for a stellar final grade will push many students to extremes, but it doesn’t have to be that way. If students take advantage of their time and resources, finals can be one of the smoothest weeks of the year.

The following tips were collected to help Texas State students shine light into the looming shadow of finals week so they can finish the semester strong.

Start early: The earlier you start studying, the better. Cramming may work occasionally, but during finals, rushing your study material can be detrimental to your information retention. Start reading or writing early to better grasp an understanding of your subject.

Organize your studying strategy: Take a few minutes to prioritize. Decide which classes will have the most demanding finals. Plan your study schedule to give those subjects extra time and to study for those finals when you are most alert.

Use the library: Alkek Library is one of the most versatile resources available to Texas State students. There, you have access to federal and state documents, more than 300 databases and seven floors with both private and shared study spaces. Escape the distractions of home; come to the library and hit the books.

Study together: When students study together, they better understand class material. Peer study groups are highly recommended, especially when students find themselves lost in an ocean of information. Some classes form Facebook study groups to openly discuss problematic subject matter, creating a secondary source for all students involved. If you haven’t studied with your classmates for your hardest classes, give it a try.

The University Star and SLAC have also compiled advice to help students conquer finals. Good luck!

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