Around Campus: New Year’s Resolutions for Texas State Students

By Andrew Osegi ’13

Welcome to 2013, Bobcat Nation! On behalf of the university, I hope all students, new and returning, enjoyed the winter holiday.

Always be thinking ahead

Always be thinking ahead.

As we ring in the new year with the spring semester, now is the best time to thaw that lackadaisical frame of mind we’ve embraced over the break and set our eyes on the future.

In addition to the resolutions you may have set for yourself this year, here are five more every Texas State student should consider:

  1. Pass all classes. This resolution is a no-brainer; however, you will definitely need to use your brain to accomplish it. The primary reason for enrolling at a higher education institution is to gain an education that will propel you through life. Although it’s questionable whether or not grades accurately gauge learning capability, the effort you put in is reflected in your grades. Future employers, future schools and parents alike will look at your transcript to determine your success in the classroom. Hit the books hard this semester so you wont have to make excuses for any embarrassing grades in the future.

    Take advantage of the opportunity to meet new people, friends and professionals alike.

    Take advantage of the opportunity to meet new people, friends and professionals alike.

  2. Meet new people/network. The start of the new semester also signifies the start of new relationships. With students back in study mode, the energy on campus beckons person-to-person engagement. Get out there and meet new people! Yes, be cheery and make new friends, but keep your future in mind as you meet new professionals as well. Professors and work authorities can prove to be a powerful asset when it comes to references and letters of recommendation. Network in person and online if possible. Consider professionalizing your LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media accounts.
  3. Start thinking ahead. Texas State is an outstanding university known for its beauty and passionate community, but what comes after graduation? Remember in high school when teachers asked you “Where will you be in five years?” I implore you, no matter what your classification, give some thought to the future. Will you take time off from school and start working immediately? Will you apply for graduate school? Or will you explore other options? No matter what your answer, planning ahead will transform your goals into reality. Career Services on the 5th floor of LBJ offers advisors to help with your post-graduation journey.
  4. Take advantage of opportunities. Now is the time to act! The Texas State campus is loaded with departments and student organizations dedicated to enhancing the student experience. Look into Texas State’s Study Abroad program or its 27 different sport clubs. Apply to join student-run media like the University Star or KTSW. Internships and student jobs are updated on a daily basis on Jobs4Cats, not to mention the various job fairs that come to campus every semester. Don’t miss out on the limitless opportunities Texas State offers its students.
  5. Work hard, play hard. It’s undeniable that the average student will be presented with challenges, big and small, throughout his or her time on campus, and success is never a sure thing. That’s why it is important for all students to put forth their best effort in everything they do. Studying, job hunting, résumé editing, achieving your goals and following your dreams require 100 percent of your effort and dedication. Yes, celebrate your achievements, but never lose sight of how far a concentrated work ethic can take you.
Determination leads to success

Determination leads to success.

I hope these resolutions can help my fellow Bobcats, or any other college student, on their journey to graduation and beyond.


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