Happenings: Bobcat Build 2013

Bobcats build good will with
San Marcos residents

Bobcat Build is the second-largest student-run community service project in all of Texas.

Bobcat Build is one of the largest student-run volunteer events in all of Texas.

By Audrey Webb

Every guest knows it’s common courtesy to say thank you to your host. That’s the basic premise behind Bobcat Build, an annual volunteer event that salutes the citizens of San Marcos for hosting the Bobcat family in their hometown.

Bobcat Build volunteers perform a variety of tasks based on requests made by San Marcos citizens. In last year’s event, approximately 3,400 students, staff and faculty members participated in 168 various community-building activities, such as weeding a community garden to washing windows to painting a house to removing debris from a vacant lot.  Now in its 11th year, Bobcat Build has been responsible for the completion of more than a thousand tasks, and the event keeps on growing. Bobcat Build is  Texas State’s largest volunteer event —  it’s also the second largest student-run community service project in the entire state.

Miranda Quiroz, assistant director of Bobcat Build, is a native of Corpus Christi but is proud to call San Marcos home. For her, Bobcat Build is the best way for members of the Bobcat family to show their appreciation for all San Marcos has to offer.

“Bobcat Build is about reaching out to the community around you,” says Quiroz. “San Marcos is a great city with a lot of character, and Texas State students are made to feel very welcome here. It’s a chance for you to say I’m here because I love this town as much as you do. It’s a chance for you to tell San Marcos residents that this is our home too and to let them know that we want to provide for it and be a part of it.”

Bobcat Build will be held March 23. You can sign up as an individual or ask the president of your student organization to coordinate a group effort. Either way, the deadline to register is this Friday, March 8. Be part of the fun! Visit the Bobcat Build site and follow the link at the top of the page, then join the conversation on Facebook or on Twitter @BobcatBuild to connect with your fellow volunteers.

San Marcos homeowners, organizations and businesses: If you’d like to have Bobcat Build work on a project, please complete a job request form.

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