Study Tips: Your Financial Future

As semester closes, consider how finances affect academic success

Piggy bank with mortarboard

Plan now for success down the road.

By Texas State SLAC

Preparing for finals is probably the biggest thing weighing on your mind this time of year. But whether you’re continuing at Texas State University in the summer or completing your degree and moving forward with graduate studies in the fall, now is a good time to think about your financial plan for future semesters. As this semester’s end draws near, consider the following:

  • Will you receive financial help from relatives and/or friends?
  • Can you find scholarships for which you are eligible at Texas State or other institutions? Go to Financial Aid and Scholarships (JCK 240, 512.245.2315, for information, and check with your major department every semester since available scholarships vary from semester to semester. Also, ask friends, employers and contacts for leads; some organizations, businesses and churches offer scholarships. Keep in mind that scholarships are an asset to your résumé!
  • Can you get a job while attending college that doesn’t interfere with your studies or, better, one that augments your education?
    • If you’re a freshman, check with a career counselor at the Personalized Academic and Career Exploration (PACE) Center and online at
    • All Texas State students can receive help from Career Services at Check the Jobs4Cats job board, and ask if positions are available at places you visit frequently (like SLAC, the library, the Student Center or a local coffee shop).
    • Ask Financial Aid and Scholarships if you are eligible for work-study funding — this makes you a more desirable applicant for on-campus jobs, since your pay would come from federal funds rather than department budgets.
  • Do you need a loan or grant (local, state or federal) to continue at Texas State, and if so, will one be available? Again, look to Financial Aid and Scholarships for information. Remember, you can include competitive grants as honors/awards on your résumé.

Keep in mind that what you do now to be financially solvent, succeed academically, gain work experience and win scholarships will prepare you for life beyond college!

One response to “Study Tips: Your Financial Future

  1. I always used to tell my students you have to study and now and worry later….everybody comes out of college in a little bit of debt unless you came from a family with money….Most hard-working people who endure this hardship during the college years get hired way more often than people who do now.

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