Students: Andrew Osegi

Keeping it real: Balancing family and fantasy gives student firm footing

By Audrey Webb

Among the many family members who will be cheering when Andrew Osegi crosses the stage this weekend is his proud mother (right).

Among the many family members who will be cheering when Andrew Osegi accepts his diploma is his proud mother (right).

Journalism major Andrew Osegi has had a remarkable year. Not only is he graduating this week after just three years at Texas State — taking courses during both summer sessions each year put him on the fast track to earning his diploma — but his contributions to the social media efforts of Texas State University’s Office of University Marketing resulted in his being named “Student Employee of the Year” — a fine feather to stick in his graduation cap.

Osegi, 21, believes much of his success is due to his ability to set and keep priorities. For example, regardless of what has gone on in his academic life — no matter how many papers there were to write or how many finals there were to study for — one of Osegi’s top priorities has been watching “Game of Thrones” with his sister every Sunday night.

Make no mistake — this commitment to spending an hour each week in a medieval fantasy world had no negative effect on Osegi’s reality. Rather, making sure to include family time as part of his weekly routine further sharpened his already sizable focus and his equally impressive organizational skills. He worked hard on assignments as soon as they were given so they’d be completed without disrupting his Sunday visit.

Keeping family connections strong is important to Osegi. “My family keeps me balanced,” says Osegi, the youngest of four siblings. And maintaining those ties takes some effort. His mother, whom Osegi says is “definitely a big influence,” accepted a job in Colorado earlier this year — Osegi keeps in touch through frequent phone calls and e-mails. “She passes along a lot of wisdom and guidance,” says Osegi.

He doesn’t always heed all her advice, however. His mother and aunt — twin sisters who are both English professors — encouraged Osegi to pursue a degree in science or math, paths more traditionally associated with a lucrative career. But it was their choice of career path and not their hard-gained knowledge that most influenced Osegi.

“Writing is my passion. This is what I like to do,” says Osegi, who honed his craft as a reporter with Texas State’s student-run newspaper, The University Star.

Osegi has already set some long-range goals, which include pursuing a master’s degree and possibly following in the family footsteps and becoming a teacher. For now, however, he wants to take a bit of a break from the books. “I want to take a year off from school, develop my résumé and apply what I’ve learned at Texas State to the real world,” he says.

And, of course, to continue spending a little time each week with his sister and the inhabitants of Westeros and Essos.

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