Faculty: Jo Ann Perro

Jo Ann Perro's dedication to her students' success has resulted in consistently outstanding evaluations.

Jo Ann Perro’s dedication to her students’ success earns her consistently outstanding evaluations.

Passion for teaching leads to rewarding career

by Joshua Book, Office of Distance and Extended Learning

Sometimes an unexpected turn in the road can take you to a great destination. Jo Ann Perro, a senior lecturer in Spanish and linguistics at Texas State University, had originally planned to study French in high school. The courses she needed wouldn’t fit in her academic schedule, however, so she chose Spanish instead. Perro excelled in the language and has enjoyed a teaching career that has spanned 32 years (18 years in high school and 14 years at the college level).

Perro received a bachelors degree in secondary education with a major in Spanish and a minor in history from the University of Cincinnati. She has studied Spanish at the Universidad de Alcalá de Henares in Madrid, and lived in Zaragoza, Spain, for several years. Perro also earned a masters degree in the art of teaching Spanish from Texas State University, where she eventually joined the faculty. For 10 years, she taught linguistics (second language acquisition) to foreign language students who planned to teach foreign languages in elementary, middle or high school settings.

Although Perro retired from conducting face-to-face courses through the Department of Modern Languages in July, she continues to follow her passion for teaching through online and distance education courses in Spanish 2310 and 2320: Intermediate Spanish I and II. While she no longer interacts with her students in a traditional classroom environment, Perro continues to demonstrate the enthusiasm and commitment that have consistently earned her outstanding student evaluations. “I want my students to be the best they can be,” says Perro, “and I want to be the best I can be for them.”

For more information on Spanish 2310 or 2320 or other self-paced distance learning courses available through the Office of Distance and Extended Learning, visit the correspondence Course Offerings page.

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