Alumni: Distinguished Young Bobcat Award

Recent alumni create award for incoming Bobcats

by Mindy Green

Distinguished Young Bobcat Award logoAndrew Henley and Maggie Worthington graduated from Texas State University only last year, but already they have created a scholarship for one incoming freshman who has made an impact on his/her high school campus and community.

The Distinguished Young Bobcat Award offers financial assistance as well as a support network through the Stelos Alliance, a non-profit organization that helps develop young leaders to reach their full potential. Transitioning into college can be difficult but opportunities such as this one help freshmen start their academic career on the right foot.

The inspiration for this scholarship was based on personal experience and a desire to give back to their alma mater. “I thought about what type of support had helped me while in college, and what type of support I wish I had when I first went to college,” Henley says. “I wanted to help alleviate that financial burden for someone who was just starting at Texas State.”

The selection committee, comprised of class of 2013 Texas State graduates, will present the $1,000 award to an incoming Bobcat who has demonstrated excellence in academics and extracurricular involvement and has selflessly given back to his/her community.  Henley and Worthington are promoting awareness of the award, and welcome “any assistance via social media outreach so that the scholarship is known to future hopeful Bobcats — as well as any donation to the Stelos Alliance contributes to the award,” Worthington says.

The application will go live Feb. 21 and must be submitted by March 21. The recipient will be honored this spring at the Stelos Alliance Award Banquet.

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    A friend of mine and the Stelos Alliance wrote this wonderful blog on our recent scholarship – The Distinguished Young Bobcat Award.

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