Around Campus: Student Involvement

Get Involved, Bobcats!

by Brittnie Curtis with SLAC

Student Involvement Fair

135 organizations were represented at the Student Involvement Fair!

The third week of classes has come to an end and students are starting to settle into campus life. With so much going on the first few weeks, joining campus organizations can sometimes be pushed to the side. The Student Involvement Fair reminded us about all the great organizations Texas State has to offer.

Student Involvement, located in the LBJ Student Center, hosted the Student Involvement Fair that was held this past Wednesday. The fair lasted four hours and spread across campus — from the LBJSC Ballroom to the mall area outside of LBJSC and along the full length of the Quad. It was great seeing so many organizations represented all at once. There were so many to choose from and all of them had friendly faces and welcoming arms.

“YOU’RE THE REAL MVP!” That’s what you will say to your mentor on graduation day before you jump in the river, but first you need to find a mentor. Come to this workshop and learn how!

 Brilliant Bobcats also hosted an event promoting student involvement later on that evening called Get Connected: Campus Involvement and You. Hallie Kloots, coordinator for Campus Activities at Student Involvement, presented a slide show and spoke about what types of organizations Texas State has to offer. This event was actually a first in the Fall 2014 College Success Series from the Division of Student Affairs. 

Consider joining a student organization. Did you know there are more than 370 registered organizations? Greek fraternities and sororities offer traditional paths to campus and community involvement and social life. Other Greek organizations are based on multiculture, professional or academic concerns. Or you could choose an organization related to an activity or subject that you really enjoy, whether it is related to your career goals or not. You can pick a group that speaks to your gender or ethnicity, or work in a student organization whose main focus is volunteering. Intramural activities can also be great outlets. 

On its webpage, the Student Organizations Council (SOC) has a list of many of these organizations and includes a description as well as contact information for most of them. Other organizations around campus include Bobcat Build, Cat Camp, Non-Traditional Student Organization (NTSO), Student Association for Campus Activities (SACA) and Student Volunteer Connection (SVC). Students can find out more about these organizations by visiting the SOC website and/or going to the Student Involvement office, located in LBJSC 4-2.1.

Even if you’re not up for joining a campus organization quite yet, there are many other ways to get involved on campus. One is simply going to events and activities hosted by these many organizations. The LBJ Student Center offers an event calendar that lists what’s going on around campus each day. Another way to get involved is by having an on-campus job or even being a mentor/mentee through programs like Bobcat Bond. Brilliant Bobcats is actually hosting a workshop next week that teaches students about mentor/mentee relationships called Mentoring: A Relationship For Success.

BulletinJune2014pg15_smallAll in all, student involvement is an important part of college life. Too much down time can make you lose focus and cause anxiety. Organizations give you a way to explore your passions, talents, career field and much more. Not to mention they’re also lots of fun and a great opportunity for networking! Many people even find life-long friends through their organizations. In addition, participating in one of these groups can provide you with a valuable addition to your resume.

So, Bobcats, jump in, get involved and find your on-campus “family”!

To find out more information on Texas State student organizations, intramural activities and recreational facilities, please visit the following websites:

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