SLAC’s Freshman Survival Guide


Moving to a new city and starting at a new school can be challenging for anyone. Read these tips and tricks from experienced Bobcats to guide you through your first year @txst!

1. More dining resources are available for you to use with your Bobcat Bucks than just the local dining hall. Baker’s Crust, Boko’s Mongolian Grill, Meatball Mania, Einstein Bros and more are available for you with your Bobcat Bucks. See this map for more information.


2. Walking Through the Quad: The Risks and Rewards

In a Rush?

If you need to make a quick trip to your classes, avoid eye contact with people—especially those at booths—on the Quad. Put your headphones on and walk fast. Beware, especially, of the Fighting Stallions in front of Derrick and next to Evans. It is a known gathering spot for those wishing to speak their minds on a variety of issues.

Time to Spare?

If you have time, student involvement opportunities are offered on the Quad. Social sororities and fraternities, honor societies and political, volunteer and career organizations look for members there, and many groups raise funds for charities. Also, organizations and some local vendors will sell food or products at their booths. Plus, you almost always can find someone giving away free stuff like koozies, sunglasses, T-shirts and, sometimes, soft drinks!

3. Find all of the computer labs available for student use on campus here.  You never know when your computer might crash or your printer might die. Along those lines, save, save, save!

4. Even a little studying goes a long way! You don’t have to study for six hours a day to be successful. And studying in small, measurable increments can prevent you from being overwhelmed nearer to midterms.


5. Learn how to write e-mails to your professors. They won’t take you seriously if you begin your e-mail with “Hey, so,” or use all lowercase (or worse, uppercase) letters and forego correct punctuation.

6. Make friends in your classes and get their phone numbers. You will have questions at 2 a.m., and so will they.

7. Join an organization! It’s the fastest way to make friends, and a good excuse to get out of your room.

8. Make sure you have another room besides your residence hall room to hang out in. Too much time together can make even good roommates irritable and prone to fighting.

9. Learn where you can and can’t park to avoid parking tickets. Maps for parking are available here.

10. If you can, get an on-campus job. That way getting to work doesn’t involve driving, you’ll be earning some spending money while still having time to study, and you’ll meet more college students just like you.

11. Join the Honors College! It offers not only free coffee and a warm and inviting lounge, but also, most important, interesting people and fantastic classes. Check to see if you meet the minimum requirements here and enjoy awesome classes in place of other classes! For example, honors students can take classes like “America in the 1970s” in their freshman year in place of a history credit.

12. Get familiar with and make use of the recreation center, on-campus tutoring centers, counseling and health centers, and other services you are already paying for through your student service fees.

13. Sign up for alerts about emergency situations, cancelations and more with the Texas State Alert System. Find out more at here.

14. In need of some sleep? Head to Boko’s Living Room. Just be sure to get pillows and blankets from the clean bin!

Keep these tips in mind and your first year will be a breeze! Eat ’em up Cats!

Written with the help of writing tutors Aly, Katy, Jon, Marilyse, Abby and Rachel at the Student Learning Assistance Center (SLAC).

2 responses to “SLAC’s Freshman Survival Guide

  1. Great article for ALL #TxSt #Bobcats on being successful! As a professor and dad (to a Bobcat), I published this article recently on Tips to being successful in college. I think your readers may find it helpful. See:
    Have a great year Bobcats!

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