Stay “App-to-Date”

Apps are an important addition to any phone.

Apps are an important addition to any smartphone. Photo credit: danielygo/

by Julia Sloan

Let’s answer the question that millions search Google for every day: “What are the best apps for my phone?” There are complicated and in-depth lists that rate apps by company, genre and cost. There are so many, in fact, that the search for the “best app” is almost fruitless. With college schedules getting more hectic, students need apps that are easy to learn and use and are beneficial for college life. Here are our picks for the top six must-have (and mostly free for iOS and Android) apps for college students.


Trying out a diet but still eating pizza at Harris every time you finish at the Rec? MyFitnessPal can help. This app allows you to track calories and meals, set a goal weight and browse recipes (see the “Community” tab) for simple meals. For support, you can add your friends and even comment on or “like” their updates. Not only does this app have 16 million+ downloads, it’s free on iOS, Android and Windows operating systems.


Need some tunes while you’re waiting for the bus? Spotify is free to download, easy to use and is overflowing with songs to suit your music needs. Spotify Premium allows you to listen offline without an Internet connection. It does cost a bit of cash to use, but there are discounts for students and families. Google Play comes in at a close second, allowing you access to the music you keep in your cloud.

Grade Tracker Pro

Grade Tracker Pro allows you to calculate the grades you need to pass a class, whether the professor operates on a point system or percentage system. It also calculates current GPA standing and class averages.


Your end-of-the-week Chipotle tradition sounds delicious, but may not be so healthy for a college budget. Paired with your bank account, BillGuard keeps track of your spending and notifies you if someone tries to use your card.  Stay on top of your money habits with this app that allows you to budget efficiently.


It is hard to complete the ever-growing pile of homework with the constant urge to check your messages and notifications. Solve your habit of procrastination and self-distraction with this clever app by growing your own forest. Set an amount of time to stay off your phone and in that time, the small tree will grow. If you use your phone before your set time is up, the tree will die. The only downside is that it does cost .99 cents for iPhone users. Find more about this clever app here.


What does social media need more of? Filters. Snapseed is a free app that offers many filters for photos without endless searching, and is great for adding that extra flair to your Instagram and Facebook photos. Capture your best Bobcat game-day moments in style, from the tailgate to the final touchdown.

Do you have any apps that you’d like to recommend? We’d love to hear how you use technology to make college life easier to manage.





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