Summer at Texas State

_DSC0976 2

by Texas State SLAC

Parking’s closer. Traffic’s lighter. You can turn left without a car bearing down on you or a bicyclist whizzing past. The river and its banks are less crowded. You can park at the Square! On campus, you can walk without dodging skateboards. Classrooms seem bigger: You don’t trip over backpacks as you squeeze between desks. If professors don’t mind, you can prop up your flip-flops.

Only one problem: schoolwork. Some papers are due each week (or two), there are tests on Mondays, and there’s homework every night — because you have 4 1/2 weeks to accomplish 13 to 14 weeks of work.

But intensity has pluses. You are working with focused students with broader age ranges and experiences; some will be returning professionals honing skills or redirecting careers. As a result, in-class discussions can be more interesting. Study groups can draw from the variety of students’ backgrounds, so use each other’s strengths. Also, motivated students in small classes can mean accessible, involved professors.

And campus study and recreation resources are still available: The Student Learning Assistance Center (SLAC), the Writing Center, Math Lab and many other tutoring labs are open for the summer sessions ( In addition, the Alkek Library, LBJ Student Center and Rec Center are not only open but also, hopefully, far less crowded than during the fall and spring semesters.

Summer school equals work — but it can give you a great introduction or a refreshing return to one of college’s best experiences!

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