Preparing for Thanksgiving



The days are getting shorter as your to-do list is getting longer. You might be tempted to put classwork off till after Thanksgiving because you don’t want to be writing papers, working on projects, or studying for tests while you are around family and friends, eating turkey and sleeping it off. However, as one of the most jam-packed holidays — short, intense, condensed into too little time — Thanksgiving can become the most difficult holiday of the year.

Ways to alleviate the stress of a holiday:

  1. Don’t put off work you need to do in favor of doing other work. Prioritize.
  2. Consider discussing something other than politics at gatherings: relatives’ childhoods; your hamster, cat, snake, animal friend; others’ vacation plans; and the all-time favorite for conversation gone awry in Texas, the Dallas Cowboys. If you do venture into the topic of politics, remember the close proximity you might be to others who disagree with you.
  3. Along those lines, having to study can be a graceful excuse to leave an argument no one will win.
  4. De-stress through calling friends, playing sports, running, music, art, etc.
  5. Take your own form of transportation if you can and leave if you must.

This week and over the holiday, when you study:

  1. Put your phone away, really away, while you work.
  2. Pick times to study when you’ll be awake (at night, in the morning) and undisturbed (whenever the football game or favorite TV show isn’t on).
  3. Write a rough draft/outline for a paper/presentation; review notes about your 99 physics problems (or problems in any class).
  4. Plan and start any projects due by the end of class and read notes for upcoming tests.
  5. Visit SLAC now! We are open through Tuesday at 5 p.m. and start again the Monday after Thanksgiving. Go to edu/slac/ to see our schedule and to look up other academic services on campus.

If you follow these tips, you can be more worry-free during the holiday because either you are done with some projects or you are finishing them in manageable amounts. Get started. Once the ball is rolling, it’s easier to keep it in motion. Don’t sabotage yourself by waiting until the last minute. Start getting the work done today so that this Thanksgiving can be as restful as possible.

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