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Around Campus: HEAT

H.E.A.T. makes impact through human rights advocacy, activism


H.E.A.T. is a registered student organization at Texas State University.

By Andrew Osegi

From the shaded Quad to the sunny river, there is no denying that Texas State University’s campus is one of the most beautiful in the state. Keeping it that way is a challenge shared by everyone involved with the school, including its many dedicated student organizations.

The Human Environmental Animal Team, or H.E.A.T., is a relatively new student organization that was formed not only to keep Texas State’s environment beautiful, but also to serve people in the San Marcos-Austin community.

H.E.A.T. focuses on human right issues, animal rights, environmental preservation and community service. Food donation and animal shelter assistance, along with river and street clean-ups, are a few of H.E.A.T.’s many contributions to the community. Continue reading