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Around Campus: Sustainable Farm

Agriculture students prepare for tomato crop

by Emily ArnoldIMAG0490

This past Friday, students from the Fruit and Vegetable Production class (AG 4302) met at the field for their lab. They constructed a hoop house, which consists of PVC pipe and warming tarp.

The purpose? To draw heat into the tunnel and trap it. Tomatoes prefer climates that are consistently warm, so the hoop house will keep them at their preferred temperature until the cooler temperatures leave the Central Texas area.

Want more information? Visit the farm’s Facebook pageIMAG0495IMAG0492







All photos by Bethany Hicks

Bobcat Faces: Benjamin Trevino

Agriculture senior cultivates career protecting future of Texas lands

By Audrey WebbPhoto of Benjamin Trevino

Have you ever dropped a whole packet of seeds into a tiny pot of soil? They all may sprout and they all may grow, but if you want them to thrive, you need to thin the seedlings, giving them ample space and access to resources.

Benjamin Trevino, who will graduate from Texas State University in May with bachelor’s degree in agriculture–animal science, felt lost in the weeds when he attended a larger Texas university just out of high school. He studied for only two years before he joined the workforce as a medical equipment sales rep. During that brief hiatus, he learned a valuable life lesson.

“At that time, I figured that school was not that important, so I went and worked, and then the real world hit me in the face,” says Trevino. “As clichéd as it sounds, I realized that money doesn’t grow on trees. Education actually is important.” Continue reading

Spotlight: Marissa Martinez

As agriculture student seeks vet
career, USDA gives support

Marissa Martinez photo

Marissa Martinez

By Billi London-Gray

Marissa Martinez says she has “always, always” loved animals. From raising chicks in her bedroom as a child to tending animals at Freeman Ranch during her first class at Texas State University, she has followed a path to make creature care her life’s work.

Added to her enjoyment of this work — and her dean’s list-worthy grades — as evidence that she’s found her calling, last week the federal government gave her its endorsement: she was selected as one of only 24 students nationwide to attend the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s annual conference, the 2012 Agricultural Outlook Forum.

The second-year animal science major, on track to become a veterinarian, says the recognition is exciting. But, she adds, she wouldn’t have found the opportunities without the support of Texas State’s Agriculture Department.

“My time at Texas State, the short two years that I have been here, has been nothing but great,” she says. “The atmosphere is amazing, everyone is so friendly, and my professors actually care about me as a person.” Continue reading