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Happenings: Graduate Mathematics Open House

Solving success: Bobcats invited to Graduate Mathematics Open House

By Catherine Harper

flier for Graduate Mathematics Open HouseFrom math education to applied mathematics, anything is possible with a little number-crunching.  According to graduate advisor Dr. Alex White, students in math-based majors can find a world of possibility in master’s and doctoral-level programs within the Texas State Department of Mathematics.

“Graduate school opens up a variety of fields, and not just in mathematics,” White says. “It’s a good degree for students to choose a wide variety of fields that they had not considered originally.”

On Friday, Oct. 14, all students interested in a broader knowledge of numbers are invited to attend the Graduate Mathematics Open House, starting at 11 a.m. in Room 212 of Derrick Hall. From learning about master’s and doctoral programs in mathematics to networking, students can absorb useful information with a complementary lunch provided by the Graduate College.

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