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Alumni: Brianne Corn

Gear shifts: Alumna follows her heart and chases down a life-long dream

By Audrey Webb

If it's got a motor and wheels, Brianne Corn will race on it.

If it’s got a motor and wheels, Brianne Corn will race on it.

A study abroad program changed Brianne Corn’s life in ways she had never intended. In her final semester at Texas State, Corn enrolled in two courses in Italy: Italian art history and street photography. At that point, her plan was to graduate, then travel to Greece to photograph the 2004 Summer Olympics. But after a daring drive up a mountain in a rental car, Corn steered her life in a whole new direction.

On a day off from class, Corn started racing Italian drivers up a curvy mountain road — “misbehaving,” she admits with a grin — and when she finally pulled over, her heart still racing, she had what she can only refer to as an epiphany, “literally in the shadow of a castle,” she recalls.

“I asked myself a question: ‘If you won the lottery, and money was no object, what would you do?’ My answer was that I would become a rally car driver,” says Corn.

She completed her degree — a B.S. in digital and photographic imagery with an art/design minor — ditched her plans for Greece and set out full throttle to fulfill a dream that had begun when she was growing up in Victoria, Texas. Continue reading

Faculty: Mike Osborne

‘Press Pictures’ photo series
takes printing off the page

Click to view images from 'Press Pictures.'

By Catherine Harper

Paper, metal and ink: These basic elements of printing presses may not seem to hold much meaning or visual allure. But with an artistic eye, the machines come alive with color and form through their role of delivering information to newsrooms and people worldwide.

Press Pictures” by Mike Osborne, a lecturer in photography at the Texas State University School of Art and Design, is a photo series that tells a story about the modern printing press. Far from Gutenberg’s original printing press, the machines and news rooms featured in Osborne’s photo series are a visual landscape of history with modern technology. Continue reading