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Study Tips: Preparing for the Future

There’s no better time to prepare
for the future than right now

Text box: While I take inpsiration from the past, like most<br /><br /><br /><br /> Americans, I live for the future. Ronald Reagan.By Texas State SLAC

So many times we are reminded to live in the present, but we still need to prepare for the future. And if you are reading this, you have a future. Whether you are a freshman or a senior, listen well: It’s never too early or late to have a game plan.

But how do you start to prepare? In his article Advice for Students: Start Planning Now for Life After College, Dustin Max tells students not to view college as a break from real life but to start seeing it as a stage of real life. Here’s our summary of his tips:

1. Network. Start making connections by talking to potential employers, attending conferences, and joining or creating campus groups that deal with topics that excite you. Most importantly, get your name out there. Continue reading