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Study Tips: Multiple-choice Exams

The decisive moment: Essential tips for taking multiple-choice exams

By Texas State SLAC

Scantron form being filled out with a pencil

Use helpful strategies for taking multiple-choice exams.

When you get your exams back, do you hear yourself say, “Why did I mark that answer?” You might want to rethink how you take multiple-choice exams. Aside from studying to master the content being tested, here’s a step-by-step process to ensure that your test-taking skills are at their best when multiple choice gets tricky. Continue reading

Study Tips: Midterms

Keep your focus, refresh over
spring break and finish strong

By Texas State SLAC

Woman studying in library

Choose a comfortable study area and pace yourself. Don't forget about assignments due after spring break!

Midterms are underway at Texas State. The onset of spring complicates matters. With longer days and warmer weather, spring fever can set in. While the break brings some rest, don’t forget about homework, papers and projects due when you return. Neglecting school work is an easy way to finish the semester with grades you hadn’t hoped for.

Summer is only a few weeks away. Hang in there! Follow these tips to keep your focus through this critical part of the semester. Continue reading