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Students: Charles Inim

Student artist strives for musical success as rapper, entrepreneur

Charles M-Inim

Charles M. Inim

By Andrew Osegi

Charles M. Inim considers himself a musician, an artist, a promoter, an MC and an entertainer. Also know as Charlie, CB or Prince Charles, Inim is a Texas State University student realizing his dream as a local, aspiring rapper with no intent of stopping. Continue reading

Alumni: Roger Sellers

Sellers embarks on music world, heads to Texas State’s MR Fest

By Catherine Harper

Roger Sellers

Roger Sellers (Photo by Jake Marx)

Texas State University grad Roger Sellers says he’s living the dream. With constant tours around the country as a professional musician, Sellers is doing what he loves for a living: traveling and making music.

“There are few people in the world that get to do what they love while traveling,” Sellers says. “Travel is the number one best part of being a musician for me. It’s so fulfilling and changes your entire perspective on life.”

Having graduated from Texas State in May 2011 with a bachelor of general studies degree focusing on music, business and media studies, Sellers has risen to the top all on his own. As the writer, performer, director, producer and engineer of his music — which meshes genres of folk, Americana, electronic and dance — he has expanded his influence from his original scene in San Marcos to the world beyond.  Continue reading

Alumni: Victor Holk

Putting the ‘I can’ into Americana:
Holk builds musical momentum
with album of protest songs

By Billi London-Gray

Victor Holk performing at Wittliff Collections

Victor Holk performed protest songs from his honors thesis project at Texas State University in April. He's releasing the songs as an album tomorrow.

With the understated grace that marks many folk musicians, Victor Holk introduced his honors thesis to a roomful of Texas State professors and fellow Honors Program students this past spring: “I’d like to play some protest songs for you.”

His thesis — a wide-ranging study of protest songs including the now-iconic standards of Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan, Pete Seeger and others as well as Holk’s own compositions — culminated in a 30-minute solo performance and discussion of the songs and their role in society. He also announced that he planned to complete a recorded collection of the songs.

Since graduating in May with a bachelor’s degree in philosophy, Holk has transitioned from university life to the full-time pursuit of his passion for music. He will release his promised album of protest songs, With Words as Strong as Warriors, at a performance tonight, Nov. 11, at Triple Crown in San Marcos. Continue reading