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Happenings: Spring Farmers Markets

Farmers markets returning
to campus this spring

By Billi London-Gray

Shad Smith and Kendall Watkins of Full English, a cafe in South Austin, sold meat pies and other pastries at the fall 2010 farmers market.

Locavores and organic foodies will once again rejoice on campus as the Texas State Farmers Market returns this spring.

The Common Experience farmers market, held Sept. 29, 2010, featured dozens of vendors from San Marcos and the surrounding central Texas area. After the success of that event, Layne Duesterhaus, a junior at Texas State majoring in resource and environmental studies, was inspired to help it happen again.

“I wanted to make a farmers market available to students so that they can have convenient access to high quality, organic, locally grown food items,” Duesterhaus says. “Buying from a farmers market not only supports the local economy in a direct way but it’s also good for your health and good for the environment.” Continue reading