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Texas State Voices: Andrew Osegi

Looking back: Three unforgettable years at Texas State University

Once on campus, I hoped to take advantage of my time as an undergraduate.

Andrew Osegi, Class of 2013

By Andrew Osegi

As I look back on my three years at Texas State University — I’m about to graduate with my bachelor’s degree in journalism on May 11 — an eruption of mixed feelings floods my memory.

I feel excitement when I recall my first day on campus as a freshman. Fresh out of high school from McAllen, Texas, attending Texas State was the next big step in my life. While traversing the steps of the beautiful, foreign campus, the promise of adventure kept me eager for new experiences. As I became a seasoned Bobcat, my expectations to meet new people, explore new ideas and grow as a person were consistently met.

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Bobcat Voices: Finals Advice

Bobcats share advice on tackling
exams with knowledge, sanity intact

Woman studying in library

Bobcat exam advice? "Study slowly. Don't cram. Get enough sleep."

Classes are over; now it’s time for finals. We asked the Texas State community to share their advice on preparing well for final exams. We’ve compiled their suggestions and insights to help you finish strong this semester. Good luck, Bobcats!

Christine M. Get eight hours of sleep every night. Cramming the night before and not getting sleep actually brings down your grade. Study over two or three days then review the day of the final to refresh your memory.

Alyssa R. Study a little at a time…don’t cram!

Jennifer V. Don’t cram. Remember, if you don’t know it an hour before the exam, you’re not going to remember it FOR the exam either. Give your mind a bit of a break between studying and taking the test to breathe. You mind is a like a muscle, it needs breaks to function well. Good luck everybody!

Elizabeth M. Write it, don’t type it. Teach it to someone else. Continue reading