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Happenings: Leadership and Orgs

Get involved: Leadership workshops,
student orgs open doors to future

By Billi London-Gray

Students hula hooping with Boko the Bobcat mascot

SOC can help you find a group that fits.

You hear it in University Seminar, read it on posters around campus and see it daily on the Quad: There are many ways to get involved at Texas State. Check out two events this week, designed to help you find your place on campus — the Student Organizations Fair and a free communication workshop offered by the Texas State Leadership Institute. Continue reading

Around Campus: Student Organizations Council

Students rally students
to get involved on campus

Students pose with Boko at Cocoa Boko, one of the annual events sponsored by SOC.

By Catherine Harper

Texas State University values diversity on campus, and the more than 300 different student organizations reflect this diversity. According to Abel Valencia, president of the Student Organizations Council (SOC), campus diversity creates a more interactive list of activities.

“Diversity is what makes up a university and helps it grow,” Valencia says. “Texas State is a very diverse campus, and with such a broad list of student organizations, there’s a lot of different activities to get involved in.”

SOC is a student-run organization guiding student involvement on campus. With a tight-knit staff of students, the SOC oversees all of the organizations that are registered at Texas State, and encourages students to get involved.

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