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Around Campus: New Year’s Resolutions for Texas State Students

By Andrew Osegi ’13

Welcome to 2013, Bobcat Nation! On behalf of the university, I hope all students, new and returning, enjoyed the winter holiday.

Always be thinking ahead

Always be thinking ahead.

As we ring in the new year with the spring semester, now is the best time to thaw that lackadaisical frame of mind we’ve embraced over the break and set our eyes on the future.

In addition to the resolutions you may have set for yourself this year, here are five more every Texas State student should consider:

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Around Campus: Renegade Roses

Renegade Roses make rugby
focus for friendship and fun

Renegade Roses logo

Renegade Roses is a Texas State student organization that supports the Renegade Rugby team.

By Karina Garcia ’14

Renegade Roses is a student organization at Texas State University composed of a diverse, fun-loving group of women who enjoy supporting the Texas State Renegade Rugby team and staying involved in the community. Established in 2005, the group attends both home and away rugby games, participates in community service events, stays involved on campus and requires mandatory study hours. Continue reading

Study Tips: Plan Your Semester

It’s never too late to start
planning a great semester

Photo of student planner

The key to college success is good planning!

By Texas State SLAC

There’s so much pressure in getting an education: parents wanting the best for you, employers looking for top-of-the-line students, and your own expectations for excellence and success. It’s okay to want to make parents proud, find a good job, and be successful, but the grades that allow these things depend to a large extent on how you plan. Bring the following tips into your routine and seize control of your semester. Continue reading

Around Campus: HEAT

H.E.A.T. makes impact through human rights advocacy, activism


H.E.A.T. is a registered student organization at Texas State University.

By Andrew Osegi

From the shaded Quad to the sunny river, there is no denying that Texas State University’s campus is one of the most beautiful in the state. Keeping it that way is a challenge shared by everyone involved with the school, including its many dedicated student organizations.

The Human Environmental Animal Team, or H.E.A.T., is a relatively new student organization that was formed not only to keep Texas State’s environment beautiful, but also to serve people in the San Marcos-Austin community.

H.E.A.T. focuses on human right issues, animal rights, environmental preservation and community service. Food donation and animal shelter assistance, along with river and street clean-ups, are a few of H.E.A.T.’s many contributions to the community. Continue reading

Spotlight: Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE)

Texas State SIFE takes community outreach to international stage

The Texas State SIFE team won the 2011 SIFE National Championship.

By Catherine Harper

Across the world, Students of Free Enterprise (SIFE) at Texas State is making an impact. In competitions and outreach projects that span the globe from Juarez, Mexico, to Malaysia, the Texas State SIFE team is gaining international recognition through the fundamentals of free enterprise.

As one of the largest chapters in the nation of an international nonprofit organization, the Texas State SIFE team works with leaders in business and higher education to teach free enterprise and benefit individuals, communities and countries.

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