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Preparing for Thanksgiving



Spending time in the library each week now could help you in the long run!

The days are getting shorter as your to-do list is getting longer. You might be tempted to put some class work off until after Thanksgiving because you don’t want to be doing homework, writing papers, working on projects or studying for tests while you are around family and friends, eating turkey and then sleeping off the L-tryptophan! But by putting off course assignments, you could find yourself neck-deep in work—and facing lowered motivation because the semester will be almost over. Plus you’ll have finals to study for! Here is a better course of action: Continue reading

Quiz: The Turkey Trivia Test

Gobble up this quiz

by Reginald Andah

There’s nothing like Thanksgiving. During what other time of year can you watch your relatives come together and bicker over nothing? What other meal do you spend hoping everyone finishes eating soon before someone starts reminiscing about the good ol’ days and brings up an embarrassing moment from the past (there’s always at least one relative who does)?

Did you know that those present at the first Thanksgiving didn’t have the turkey02benefit of tryptophan to make everyone fall asleep? The first Thanksgiving was a three-day harvest feast held in Massachusetts in 1621 with pilgrims and people from the Wampanoag tribe in attendance. Although wild turkeys were in the area, the Wampanoag guests arrived with the offering of five deer. Historians believe the deer were roasted over a fire and made into stew.

Now that you know a fact about the first Thanksgiving, try your luck on some more Turkey Day trivia. Continue reading

Study Tips: Extra Helpings

Minimize the tryptophan naps to
maximize preparation for finals

tom turkey with plumage

Thanksgiving turkey is delicious; acing your class will taste even better.

By Billi London-Gray

Thanksgiving Break gives Texas State students an extra helping of time to prepare for fall finals. Between visiting with Grandma and chillaxing with a plate of leftovers, carve out opportunities to work on your final projects and study. Make the most of the three-day respite from classes with these study tips. Continue reading

Happenings: Thanksgiving and Turkey Trivia

What better time than Thanksgiving week to appreciate everything we have, plus mark once-a-year traditions like eating roasted (or smoked, or deep-fried) fowl, jellied cranberries and six pounds of green beans.

First, a little video to warm up:

And now, some facts that may leave you wondering, “How did I not know that?”