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Rising Stars: Michael Collins

Texas State archaeology professor
brings ancient culture to life

Michael Collins came of age during a period Texas author Elmer Kelton referred to as “the time it never rained.”

One of the worst droughts on record gripped much of the United States, including Collins’ hometown of Midland, in the 1950s. Lakes dried up. Unceasing heat desiccated the soil. Agricultural activity slowed to a crawl.

The West Texas winds did not slow down. They stole the dirt, carrying it by the ton for hundreds of miles in swirling, choking clouds. Collins remembers a horseman riding under a barbed-wire fence — and not being able to touch the bottom strand.

But while the drought and the winds were stealing topsoil from West Texas, they were giving Mike Collins a gift: archaeology. Continue reading

Rising Stars: LeKisha McKinley

MBA student paves road to success
for disadvantaged youngsters

By Mary-Love Bigony, University Marketing

LeKisha McKinleyLeKisha McKinley’s life could have turned out quite differently. The fifth child of a hard-working single mother, she grew up in an East Austin neighborhood plagued by adversity. Now a graduate student in Texas State’s McCoy College of Business Administration, McKinley escaped the fate that befell many children in her situation because of her insatiable love of reading and her mother’s unwavering commitment to her family.

Giving youngsters from similar circumstances the opportunity to thrive educationally and personally is McKinley’s focus today. To do this, she started a small community-based program, the AKC Institute of Learning. And while it started small, she has big plans for it.

“We focus on increasing intellectual maturity in disadvantaged youngsters and minimizing the disparities these communities face,” she says. “We introduce them to various educational options, cultures and languages.”

Please visit the Rising Stars archive page to see the rest of the story, and click here to see more about Texas State’s Rising Stars.

Happenings: Commencement Tweets

Bob the Cat is back to offer
graduation congratulations @txst

We recently asked users on Twitter to use the #txstgrad hash tag for their congratulatory notes, and they responded.

So much so, in fact, that we took some and combined them with your favorite bobcat for a little video. Enjoy, and best wishes to the 2011 graduates of Texas State:

Texas State Updates: Bobcats in Baseball

Goldschmidt maintains lead
in Southern League stats

Here’s an update on former Texas State Bobcats playing professional baseball in the majors, affiliated minors and independent minors.

Former Texas State first baseman Paul Goldschmidt continues to lead the Southern League in home runs, runs batted in, total bases (76), walks (28), on-base percentage (.485), slugging percentage (.752) and on-base plus slugging (1.237). He has the most home runs, total bases and walks in all of Double-A, as well as the best slugging percentage and OPS.

As always, only players whose seasons have started are listed. Send additions or suggestions to socialnet@txstate.edu.

Player Team League Level Avg. HR RBI
Thomas Field Tulsa (Rockies) Texas 2A 200 3 10
Paul Goldschmidt Mobile (D’backs) Southern 2A .347 12 32
Jason Martinson Hagerstown (Nationals) South Atlantic A .247 2 8
Matt Miller Reading (Phillies) Eastern 2A .261 0 2
Iggy Suarez Somerset Atlantic Ind. .154 0 1
Ben Theriot NW Arkansas (Royals) Texas 2A .278 0 4
Pitcher Team League Level W-L ERA S
Mike Hart Burlington (A’s) Midwest A 1-0 2.77 0
Kane Holbrooks Fort Myers (Twins) Florida State A 0-4 2.02 0
Scott Linebrink Braves National ML 0-0 5.06 0

Be a Bobcat: Vanessa De La Rosa and Marissa Cantu-Harkless

Graduating students offer insights
into Texas State experience

The latest installments in the Texas State “Be a Bobcat” video series feature two students who are graduating from the university this week, Vanessa De La Rosa and Marissa Cantu-Harkless.

De la Rosa, a native of the Rio Grande Valley, is finishing work on a doctor of physical therapy degree:

Cantu-Harkless is graduating with teaching certification in dance:

The videos are archived on the Texas State YouTube channel. Click here for an archive of previous “Be a Bobcat” students.

Around Campus: Designate a Driver

Survive finals with a Weekend P.A.S.S.

Finals are fast approaching. You’re probably feeling the stress. When the weekend finally comes, you’re ready to go out and relax.

Unfortunately, many weekend stress-reducers are often accompanied by excessive alcohol consumption. In fact, weekends are the deadliest time for alcohol-related crashes and fatalities.

The Texas Department of Transportation has launched a new campaign encouraging young adults to get a Weekend P.A.S.S. (Person Appointed to Stay Sober) to reduce incidences of drunk driving. Continue reading

Texas State Updates: Japan Relief Fundraiser

Texas State Japanese club
to sponsor benefit event

Click to view larger image.

The Japanese Language and Culture Club at Texas State is sponsoring an event Thursday to raise funds for earthquake and tsunami relief efforts in Japan.

“Sakura Night: A Night for Japan” will be from 6 to 8 p.m. in the LBJ Student Center Ballroom. Admission is $3, with all proceeds going to the Red Cross Japan Relief Fund.

Japanese snacks and drinks will be provided, and there will be a silent auction of items from Japan. Continue reading